Combination file J7 Pro is the file created by Samsung manufacturer for testing machine process to check the operation of the hardware. It is very effective for recovering Imei, Baseband, FRP Bypass and many other Firmware errors.


Combination J7 Pro Samsung SM-J730
Samsung Galaxy J7 pro Combination file


1. Combination J7 Pro – Firmware File of Samsung Galaxy SM-J730.


Combination File Samsung Galaxy SM-J730G:

  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA70_J730GDXU4ARF1      preventive link:      Link1     Link2   Link3


  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA70_J730GDXU5ARI1        preventive link:      Link1       Link2        Link3
  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA70_J730GDXU7ASG1                                    Link1       Link2  


Combination File Samsung Galaxy SM-J730GM:

  • COMBINATION_OLC_FA70_J730GMDXU4ARF1                      preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • COMBINATION_OLC_FA70_J730GMDXU3ARA2_OLC3ARA2                                    Link1   Link2   Link3


Combination Firmware File Samsung Galaxy SM-J730F:

  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA70_J730FXXU3ARI1                         preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3


Combination Firmware File Samsung Galaxy SM-J730FM:



Combination Firmware File Samsung Galaxy SM-J730SLK:

  • COMBINATION_KTC_FA70_J730KKKU2ARF1                       preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • updating….


2. Tools need for Flash Combination Firmware File J7 Pro Samsung Galaxy SM-J730

  • Driver Samsung Mobile              preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • Tool Odin3 v3.12.7                    preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • Odin3 v3.13.1                            preventive link:            Link1  Link2   Link3
  • odin3 v3.13.3                                                                Link1  Link2   Link3
  • Last version Odin3 v3.14.4                                           Link1  Link2   Link3




3. All Solutions using Combination File Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro SM-J730:


As mentioned above, Samsung combintion file is very effective in fixing software errors. Here are some common solutions.


  • Bypass FRP ( Google Account) with Combination file Galaxy J730 solution:

This solution is often used when other bypass frp solutions do not work. Do following:

First, flash combination file Samsung J730, The device will enter the main screen in the mode of checking the hardware details. In the mode, we can turn on ADB mode or USB debugging mode, or bypass frp now..

2nd, flash stock firmware Samsung J730 file to do the next step or finalize the bypass process.


Here are some detailed videos:



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