Oppo cph1801 User Lock Reset By MsmDownloadTool

Oppo CPH1801 User Lock or Pattern Lock Screen when forgot will don’t Hard Reset then We need to use specialized tools, in this post we will use MsmDownloadTool to do that. This solution can also fix other errors such as unbrick boot dead, hanging logo on Screen


  1. Tools need for Factory Reset Oppo CPH1801 (Oppo A71 2018)Forgot User Lock Code or Pattern Lock Screen.

If is first using MsmDownloadTool you must be activated it. Please see How To Activated MsmDownlaodTool ( Oppo New Tool).

  • Activated Tools

2. How To Factory Reset Oppo CPH1801 User Lock or Pattern Lock by MsmDownloadTool.

Please see detail video process of practice of Gsm Hung Vu





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