1.  Stock Firmware A20 – Firmware File Samsung Galaxy SM-A205.



Stock Firmware A20 2019 Samsung SM-A205
Stock Firmware Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205


Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205F:

A205F Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205F_A205FXXS6ATA1_OJM_A205FOJM6ATA1-FWD-9.0            Link1  Link2  
  • SM-A205F_A205FXXS6ATA2_ODM_A205FODM6ATA4-INS-9.0            Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205F_A205FXXU7ATB2_OJM_A205FOJM7ATB1_XFA-9.0             Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205F_A205FXXU7ATB2_OLM_A205FOLM7ATB1-XXV-9.0            Link1  Link2


A205F Android Q 10.0:

Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205FN:

A205FN Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205FN_A205FNXXS7ATB2_OXM_A205FNOXM7ATB2-CAC-9.0                   Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205FN_A205FNXXS7ATB2_OXM_A205FNOXM7ATB2-SEK-9.0                    Link1  Link2


A205FN Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A205FN_A205FNPUU7BTD2_SER_A205FNSER7BTD2-SER-10.0                    Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205FN_A205FNXXU7BTD2_OXM_A205FNOXM7BTD2-CAU-10.0             Link1  Link2

Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205G:

A205G Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205G_A205GUBS5ATC1_OWA_A205GOWA5ASL4-TCE-9.0                     Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205G_A205GUBS5ATC3_OWA_A205GOWA5ASL3-COM-9.0                  Link1  Link2  


A205G Android Q 10.0:

Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205GN:

A205GN Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A205GN_A205GNDXU5BTD2_OLO_A205GNOLO5BTD2-GLB-10.0         Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205GN_A205GNDXU5BTD2_OLO_A205GNOLO5BTD2-VNZ-10.0        Link1  Link2
  • SM-A205GN_A205GNDXU5BTEA_A205GNTGY5BTEA-TGY-10.0                  Link1  Link2

A205GN Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205GN_A205GNDXU1ASCD_OMC_OLO_A205GNOLO1ASCD_GLB-9.0   preventive linkLink1  Link2
  • SM-A205GN_A205GNDXU1ASCD_A205GNOLO1ASCD_XNF-9.0                     preventive linkLink1  Link2



Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205S:

A205S Android Q 10.0:

A205S Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205S_A205SKSU1ASE1_SKC_A205SSKC1ASE1-SKC-9.0                    Link1    Link2
  • SM-A205S_A205SKSU2ASG1_A205SSKC2ASG1-SKC-9.0                          Link1    Link2   
  • SM-A205S_A205SKSU3ATA1_A205SSKC3ATA1-SKC-9.0                           Link1    Link2 


Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205U:

A205U Android Q 10.0:



A205U Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205U_A205USQS5ATB4_A205UOYN5ATB4-USC-9.0                Link1    Link2   


Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205U1:

A205U1 Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205U1_A205U1UES4ATB1_OYM_A205U1OYM4ATB1-ACG-9.0       Link1    Link2   


Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205W:

A205W Android Q 10.0:

A205W Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205W_A205WVLU1ASE7_OYV_A205WOYV1ASE7-FMC-9.0           Link1    Link2
  • SM-A205W_A205WVLS4ATA2_OYV_A205WOYV4ATA2-BMC-9.0          Link1    Link2


Firmware File A20 Samsung Galaxy A205YN:

A205YN Android Q 10.0:

A205YN Android PIE 9.0:

  • SM-A205YN_A205YNDVU2ASF4_LDT_A205YNLDT2ASF4-VAP-9.0                Link1    Link2
  • SM-A205YN_A205YNDVU4ATA2_A205YNLDT4ATA1-TLP-9.0                        Link1    Link2



2. Tools need for Solution Flash Stock Firmware A20 Samsung A205.


3. How To Flash Full Firmware A20 Samsung Galaxy SM-A205:

Please see and follow detail video of Gsm hung vu


Flash Full Firmware A205 Samsung Galaxy A20 by Odin 3.13.3 Android 9.0



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