Stock Firmware A30S Samsung Galaxy A307 File

 Stock Firmware Samsung A30s SM-A307 file is a firmware released by Samsung manufacturer for its product.


Stock Firmware Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307 file
Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307 Firmware file


1.  Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307 File Stock Firmware Download Link.


Firmware File Galaxy  A30S SM-A307FN:

Samsung File A307FN Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXS2BTE3_OEM_A307FNOEM2BTE1-NEE-10.0      preventive link:      Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXS2BTE3_OJM_A307FNOJM2BTE2-ACR-10.0                                    Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXS2BTF1_ODM_A307FNODM2BTD1-INS-10.0                                 Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXU2BTE1_A307FNATL2BTE1-ATL-10.0                                              Link1 Link2 

Samsung File A307FN Android Pie 9.0:

  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXU1ASI1_OXM_A307FNOXM1ASI1-CAU-9.0          preventive link:   Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXU1ASI1A307FNXXU1ASI1-PHE-9.0                                                Link1      
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXU1ASI2_OJM_A307FNOJM1ASI2-LYS-9.0                                      Link1
  • SM-A307FN_A307FNXXU1ASI1_OEM_A307FNOEM1ASI1-SEB-9.0                                     Link1 


Firmware File Galaxy  A30S SM-A307G:

Samsung File A307G Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A307G_A307GUBS4BTE4_OWA_A307GOWA4BTE2-CDR-10.0          preventive link:    Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307G_A307GUBU4BTF1_OWA_A307GOWA4BTF1-PET-10.0                                     Link1 Link2 


Firmware File Galaxy  A30S SM-A307GN:

Samsung File A307GN Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A307GN_A307GNDXS4BTE3_OLM_A307GNOLM4BTD1-BRI-10.0     preventive link:    Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307GN_A307GNDXS4BTE3_OLM_A307GNOLM4BTD1-CAM-10.0                              Link1 Link2 
  • SM-A307GN_A307GNDXS4BTE3_OLM_A307GNOLM4BTD1-XXV-10.0                               Link1 Link2 


Firmware File Galaxy  A30S SM-A307GT:

Samsung File A307GT Android Q 10.0:

  • SM-A307GT_A307GTVJS4BTE2_OWA_A307GTOWA4BTD1-ZTA-10.0       preventive link:    Link1 Link2 



2. Tools need for Solution Flash Firmware File Samsung Galaxy A30S SM-A307:


3. All Solutions using stock Firmware Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307:

The stock firmware file Samsung A30s is a very important part of its software repair. GsmXpro will introduce some common solutions


  • Full Flash Firmware file Samsung Galaxy SM-A307:

This solution is used to fix software errors as: dead source, Repair IMEI null, Baseband unknown….


Please see and follow detail video of Gsm hung vu


  • Bypass FRP ( Google Account) with Combination file and Stock Firmware Samsung SM-A307 solution:

This solution is often used when other bypass frp solutions do not work. Do following:

First, flash combination file Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307, The device will enter the main screen in the mode of checking the hardware details. In the mode, we can turn on ADB mode or USB debugging mode, or bypass frp now…

2nd, flash stock firmware Samsung A307 file to do the next step or finalize the bypass process.


Here are some detailed videos:

Bypass FRP ( Google Account ) Samsung A7 2017 SM-A720F Android 8.0 Gsm Hung Vu.


In addition, there are many other solutions, Gsmxpro will be updated later



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