Stock Firmware Samsung A6 SM-A600 file is a firmware released by Samsung manufacturer for its product.


Stock Firmware A6 2018 Samsung Galaxy SM-A600
Samsung Galaxy A6 SM-A600 Firmware file


1.  Stock Firmware A6 2018 – Firmware Files Samsung Galaxy SM-A600:


Firmware Files A6 Samsung SM-A600G:

File A600G Android OREO 8.0

  • A600GDXU1ARE2_A600GODM1ARE2-8.0-INS
  • A600GDXU1ARD7_A600GOLE1ARD7-8.0-XID
  • A600GDXU1ARD7_A600GOLM1ARD7-8.0-XXV
  • SM-A600G-A600GDXU2ARG3-8.0-xxv

File A600G Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU4BSC9_OLM_A600GOLM4BSC9-GLB-9.0      preventive link:  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU4BSC9_OLM_A600GOLM4BSC9-XXV-9.0                              Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU4BSD1_ODM_A600GODM4BSD1-INS-9.0                            Link1 Link2


File A600G Android Q 10

  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU8CTG1_ODM_A600GODM8CTG1-INS-10.0
  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU8CTG1_ODM_A600GODM8CTG1-BNG-10.0
  • SM-A600G_A600GDXU8CTF2_OLM_A600GOLM8CTF1-XXV-10.0


Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600GN:

File A600GN Android OREO 8.0


File A600GN Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-A600GN_A600GNUBU4BSD1_A600GNOWO4BSC5-DOO-9.0        preventive link:  Link1 Link2
  • A600GNUBU4BSD1_OWO_A600GNOWO4BSC5-CHO-9.0                                              Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600GN_A600GNUBS3ASB1_A600GNOWO3ARJ1-GTO-8.0                                    Link1 Link2

File A600G Android Q 10



Firmware Files A6 2018 – Samsung SM-A600F:

File A600F Android OREO 8.0

  • SM-A600F-A600FJXU2ARG1-010718-8.0

File A600F Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-A600F_A600FJXU3BSC9_A600FOJM3BSC9-TUN-9.0      preventive link:  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600F_A600FJXU3BSC9_OJM_A600FOJM3BSC9-PAK-9.0                      Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600F_A600FJXU3BSC9_A600FOJM3BSC9-AFG-9.0                              Link1  Link2


File A600F Android Q 10

  • SM-A600F_A600FJXU6CTH1_OJM_A600FOJM6CTH1-XSG-10.0
  • SM-A600F_A600FJXU5CTE1_OJM_A600FOJM5CTE1-MWD-10.0


Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600FN:

File A600FN Android OREO 8.0

  • A600FNXXU1ARD7_A600FNOXM1ARD7_BTU_8.0.

File A600FN Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-A600FN_A600FNPUU3BSD2_A600FNSER3BSD2-SER-9.0        preventive link:  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600FN_A600FNXXU3BSD2_OXM_A600FNOXM3BSD2-NEE-9.0                    Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600FN_A600FNXXU3BSD2_OXM_A600FNOXM3BSD2-CAU-9.0                  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600FN_A600FNXXU3BSD2_OXM_A600FNOXM3BSD2-ATO-9.0                  Link1 Link2

File A600FN Android Q 10



Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600N:

File A600N Android OREO 8.0

  • A600N-A600NKSU1ARG1-8.0-koo

File A600N Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU1BSD3_OKR_A600NOKR1BSD3-SKC-9.0          preventive link:  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU1BSD3_OKR_A600NOKR1BSD3-KTC-9.0                                  Link1 Link2
  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU1BSD3_A600NOKR1BSD3-LUC-9.0                                           Link1 Link2

File A600N Android Q 10

  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU4CTG5_OKR_A600NOKR4CTG5-KTC-10.0
  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU4CTG5_OKR_A600NOKR4CTG5-KOO-10.0
  • SM-A600N_A600NKSU4CTG5_A600NKSU4CTG5-LUC-10.0


Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600P:

File A600P Android Q 10



Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600T:

File A600T Android Q 10

  • SM-A600T_A600TUVU5CTF4_A600TTMB5CTF4-TMB-10.0


Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600T1:

File A600T1 Android Q 10

  • SM-A600T1_A600T1UVU5CTF4_A600T1TMK5CTF4-TMK-10.0


Firmware Files A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600U:

File A600U Android Q 10

  • SM-A600U_A600UUEU5CTG4_OYM_A600UOYM5CTG4-XAR-10.0


2. Tools need for Solution Flash Full Stock Firmware Samsung SM-A600

  • Driver Samsung Mobile              preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • Tool Odin3 v3.12.7                    preventive link:            Link1   Link2   Link3
  • Odin3 v3.13.1                            preventive link:            Link1  Link2   Link3
  • odin3 v3.13.3                                                                Link1  Link2   Link3
  • Last version Odin3 v3.14.4                                           Link1  Link2   Link3


3. How To Flash Full Stock Firmware A6 2018 Samsung SM-A600

Please see and follow detail video Flash Full Firmware A6 SM-A600G Android Q 10 by Odin3 v3.14.4 of  Gsm Hung Vu


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