Stock Firmware Samsung J6 2018 SM-J600 file is a firmware released by Samsung manufacturer for its product.


Stock Firmware J6 2018 File Samsung SM-J600
Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 SM-J600



      1. Stock Firmwaer J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy SM-J600


Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J600G:

File J6 2018-J600G Android Q 10.0

File J6 2018-J600G Android OREO 8.0


File J6 2018-J600G Android Pie 9.0



  • SM-J600G_J600GDXS6BTB2_J600GPNG6BTB2-PNG-9.0                        Link1
  • SM-J600G_J600GDXS6BTB2_J600GTGY6BTB2-TGY-9.0                          Link1
  • SM-J600G_J600GDXS6BTB2_OLE_J600GOLE6BTB2-XID-9.0                  Link1
  • SM-J600G_J600GDXS6BTB2_OLM_J600GOLM6BTB2-XXV-9.0             Link1
  • SM-J600G_J600GDXU6BTA5_ODM_J600GODM6BTA5-INS-9.0            Link1    
  • SM-J600G_J600GUBS6BTB2_OWA_J600GOWA6BTB1-CDR-9.0          Link1 
  • SM-J600G_J600GUBS6BTB3_OWE_J600GOWE6BTB3-ALE-9.0            Link1  



Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J600F:

File J6 2018-J600F Android Q 10.0


File J6 2018 – J600F Android OREO 8.0

  • J600FPUU1ARE3_J600FSER1ARE3_SER_8.0
  • J600FPUU3ARH2_J600FSER3ARH2_SER_8.0


File J6 2018-J600F Android Pie 9.0


  • SM-J600F_J600FPUS7BTB5_J600FSER7BTB5-SER-9.0                      Link1
  • SM-J600F_J600FXXS7BTB5_OEM_J600FOEM7BTB5-CAC-9.0          Link1
  • SM-J600F_J600FXXS7BTB5_OJM_J600FOJM7BTB5-XFA-9.0           Link1


Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy A600FN:

File J6 2018-J600FN Android Q 10.0

File J6 2018 – J600FN Android OREO 8.0:



File J6 2018-J600FN Android Pie 9.0


  • SM-J600FN_J600FNXXS7BTB3_OXM_J600FNOXM7BTB1-NEE-9.0        Link1
  • SM-J600FN_J600FNXXS7BTB3_OXM_J600FNOXM7BTB1-PHE-9.0        Link1


Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J600GT:

File J6 2018-J600GT Android Q 10.0

 File J6 2018 – J600GT Android OREO 8.0:

  • J600GT_J600GTVJU2ARH1-ZTO-8.0
  • J600GT_J600GTVJU3ARH3-ZTA-8.0


File J6 2018-J600GT Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-J600GT_J600GTVJU3BSD9_OWT_J600GTOWT3BSD1-ZVV-9.0     Link1  Link2
  • SM-J600GT_J600GTVJS4BSF1_OWT_J600GTOWT4BSF1-ZVV-9.0       Link1  Link2





Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy j600GF:

File J6 2018-J600GF Android Q 10.0

File J6 2018 – J600GF Android OREO 8.0:



File J6 2018-J600GF Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-J600GF_J600GFDDU1BSD9_ODI_J600GFODI1BSD9-INS-9.0          Link1   Link2 



Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J600N:

File J6 2018-J600N Android Q 10.0

 File J6 2018 – J600N Android OREO 8.0:

  • SM-J600N-J600NKOU1ARG1-8.0
  • SM-J600N_J600NKOU2ARK1-KOO-8.0


File J6 2018-J600N Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-J600N_J600NKOU2BSD5_J600NKOO2BSD5-KOO-9.0      Link1  Link2
  • SM-J600N_J600NKOU4BTA1_J600NKOO4BTA1-KOO-9.0


Firmware File J6 2018 Samsung Galaxy J600L:

File J6 2018-J600L Android Q 10.0

 File J6 2018-J600L Android Pie 9.0

  • SM-J600L_J600LKLU2BSD5_J600LLUC2BSD5-LUC-9.0          Link1  Link2
  • SM-J600L_J600LKLU4BTA1_J600LLUC4BTA1-LUC-9.0


2. Tools need for Flash Full Stock Firmware Samsung SM-J600:

3. How to Flash Full Stock Firmware J6 2018 (SM-J600):

Please see and follow detail video Flash Full

Stock Firmware Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 SM-J600G



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